Prepare for Judgment in July!

When Marlborough in Bloom is judged in July, now in the Champion of Champion’s category, the floral displays and the community projects called ‘In Your Neighbourhood’ (IYN) are awarded points. The IYN’s are somethinganyone in the community can do and comprise 40% of the final award. Judges are delighted to assess and encourage the volunteers and community groups' work. This year there are nine entered in the IYN section, which is not competitive, but will get a rating and a certificate.

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However, points will be deducted if street furniture and planters are not well maintained.

They will also observe how clean the pavements are as they walk the designated two-hour route around the town, which is meticulously timed at each stopping point. Rubbish such as discarded cigarette ends and litter will not help us gain the prestigious award.

plantermaintMG 0811 MNO

On Friday and Saturday last a team of six volunteers wielded brushes and set about refurbishing, with decking stain, the large black planters in the Parade, High Walls and elsewhere.

Painting of the wooden planters had to be completed before the spring bedding is replaced by summer bedding that will be planted on 3rd June, to ensure the town is colourful throughout the summer.

We thank those who gave up their time to help last weekend and appreciate any help that the good people of Marlborough can give between now and judging day.