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Preshute Primary School

Preshute School are working with reiver trust ARK (Action for the River Kennet) on their ‘IYN’
project this year to make the school greener by planting wildflowers, with
an emphasis on pollinators, putting green roofs on small outbuildings, and most exciting of all,
creating a rain-wall on the side of the school.
The rain-wall will capture all the rain that lands on the roof and old plastic gutters are
being replaced with a whole new fun pipe system to carry rain across walls and past windows down
to new ‘rain planters’.  These will absorb and clean the water before slowly releasing it into the grass.
The rain-wall is a chance to make rain more interesting, get people thinking about what we do with
all our rain water, and to reduce the burden on village drains and sewers which struggle to cope
during rainstorms.